How to become SEO expert

To become an SEO expert, first you have to know what exactly SEO do. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. When we search for something in google or other search engine, then we can see some website according to our search topic. There shows total 10 websites in 1st page. The main focus of doing SEO is to bring a website in the 1st position in the 1st page. SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. If you want to start freelancing, then you can choice seo. Though there are some rules to do SEO of a website. 1st you have to select a niche because without niche, you can’t rank your website. Niche means your topic. As you can select your niche game, cricket, saree, technology, marketing, ecommerce, food, health etc. Though there are two types of niche, broad niche and narrow niche, we choice narrow niche.

We should always work with narrow niche. Because if we work with broad niche, then we have to struggle a lot to reach SERP 1. That’s why we should always work with narrow niche. To become an seo expert, you should follow this type of little techniques. I shall describe all topics part by part. Mainly seo has two part. one is onpage seo and another is offpage seo. Onpage seo means all that work what we do before publishing a website. On the other side, offpage seo is that work what we will do after publishing the website. We can say offpage seo like marketing. In this lesson, I shall use wordpress cms to do seo. I shall discuss next topic in next part.

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