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Stay away from bad clients

Nowadays online marketplaces are becoming full of bad clients. Who doesn’t want to earn from online? About every people want to earn from online doing freelancing. Day by day freelancing is becoming more popular. During this pandemic time, freelancing has become more valuable. Some kind of bad client takes this advantage. Their main target is […]

How Can Digital Media Training Courses Help You Take The Next Step In Your Career

Digital Media Training Courses Digital media training courses designed to educate people on the ever-changing digital world. It includes graphic design, web design, web development, animation, digital marketing, digital images, digital videos, any social media, MP3 or electronics as well as seo and many more. Digital media craves union of digital technology as well as […]

People Per Hour pledge £10m to support freelancers during COVID-19

People Per Hour is one of the most leading online marketplace in UK. Recently they make a decision to support freelancers. They are pledging £10m in an initiative. It will help small businesses and freelancers over the coming months of 2020. According to their description, they believe it’s their responsibility. They are one of the […]