How to setup router

Hello viewers, today I’ll discuss about how to setup router yourself. It’s a very simple matter. When you take internet connection from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), they will give you a username and password. Normally ISP provide dial up connection. Many few ISP provide IP connection. After getting username and password, connect the main cable in the WAN port of your router and also connect your pc with a LAN cable in LAN port of your router. Make sure that the cable which you will connect between pc and router is in serial connection. There are two types of LAN connection, 1) Serial and 2) Parallel.

Setup router

Now open a browser and type and press enter. Sometimes after using this ip, some router wants username and password. Don’t worry, routers default username is admin and password is also admin. I am showing you using a Tenda router here. After login, go to internet setting and use your username and password which you have purchased from your ISP. Then press ok/save. Now you can connect with internet. Thus you can setup router yourself. Sometimes people hire IT persons to setup router. So if you can do it, you can earn doing freelancing.

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