Keyword Everywhere is now paid tools

Do you know, Keyword Everywhere is now a paid tools? You can use Keywords Everywhere as Chrome extension & Firefox add-on. Axeman Tech Pvt Ltd created this extension with the idea of providing value to thousands of users by being a browser extension that gives you keywords data exactly where you need it the most in 2015.

About more than a million users used this free software Over the last 4 years. The main reason of its being paid is bot activity. Some automated scripts were querying their API to get data for keywords. They have also spent a huge time to manage servers and issues because of the bot activity. The bots were very intelligent. They were always a few steps ahead and end up creating lots of API keys. Authority had no control of API usage. When it become a paid tool, all bot activity will cease immediately. Now you can buy 1 lac Keyword data for $10 only. There is no monthly recurring plans. From 1st Oct 2019, it become a paid tool. It’s one of the best extension for SEO. Many seo experts are using this tool to find out the exact monthly search volume. This tool is just awesome.

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